What I stand for

The working relationship is most important to me. A good relationship is the foundation for great work. I learned from Milton Glaser that staying small affords you the luxury of working with people you like. As trust is such an essential part of our business I can't imagine working any other way.

My strengths are fast thinking, problem solving, long-term vision, clear and engaging communication, and capturing personality. I'm interested in everything. I love doing things I've never done before because it gives me an edge. I'm not shy of large projects and I have a network of people I can call in at short notice should a project require it. I am equally capable of working with an in-house team.

I'm open to working within any sector, for me its all about the people and the relationship and the rest takes care of itself naturally.

I can charge on a project by project basis, but I prefer retainer arrangements when work is ongoing.