The thought process

The project began as a six-page letter from the CFO, Jeff Hunter, to a prospective client. Jeff explained the principle of the idea and left it to me to come up with something. I edited the letter and then drafted the rest of the copy, turning it into a brochure.

It was a new idea. IPP Investment owners typically divide their management, operations, and accounting services across different specialist organizations. This puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to responding quickly to market changes, and day-to-day opportunities that arise spontaneously, because they receive their reports at different times and the separate organizations don't share information. Another advantage was that USPOWERGEN were doing exactly this for their own investors and had years of experience in the field.

Visually, I interpreted this as a model that would bear fruit. I developed a name “Optimum Management” to describe the intent, and the service itself.
The cover image has several interpretations; fruit bearing tree; the pursuit of knowledge; health; ripe for the picking; fresh; environmental; American; and it is a subtle reflection of the red and green corporate colors.

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By adopting a textbook approach, and by making all the illustrations "figures," I was able to convey an analytical approach. The opening spread makes the point visually that fragmented management has its limitations while the text explains the principles of a consolidated management system in more detail.




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The root system of a fruit-bearing tree was the perfect mechanism for illustrating a complex organizational chart. The detailed workings behind the scenes of something that grows and flourishes naturally. It draws you in to read more of something that, in itself, is off-putting because of its complexity.

Over the years, I had worked with all of the departments and I was up-to-date with their most recent achievements from designing and editing the pilot issue of their newsletter.

pilot newsletter With this knowledge, I was able to draft copy for each of the departments detailed on the last spread. This made it easy for each department to refine. The process was speeded up and the brochure was ready in a matter of days by judiciously cutting down the toing and froing.

The end result was a brochure that could be printed digitally, in small numbers (overnight) as needed. The production method used high quality digital printing on good paper, was efficient and cost effective. From a practical perspective, the content could be easily updated or adjusted without creating waste.



What the client said:




Optimum Management


The brief: To create a sales brochure.


Optimum Management cover

Illustrating a complex idea in a way that you can “get it in one” (without reading the text) is always my first priority.

Ideally you want to draw the reader in to read more, but if they only have time to flick through, they should be left with an understanding of the essence.





Optimum Management cover

Optimum Management cover




Optimum Management cover


Optimum Management cover

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